Good communications is the key to being a good property manager

Some people are just great at organising things and people and are also great communicators and these are two of the many requirements that you need to be a great property manager. If you are looking into becoming a property manager you could earn between £15,000 and £40,000 a year depending on your skills and location, with the option of earning more than this if you are in an area of elite properties with rich clients.

Ideally you will need some experience in the business, whether that be through being a landlord yourself or maybe from being an estate agent or a project manager for a company. As well as properties you might also be asked to manage land as well and this could be arable farm land, forests or industrial sites and hence you will need to be a good all rounder who can diversify their talents. As a property manager you will be required to oversee all aspects of managing a portfolio of properties, from dealing with the client as well as dealing with the tenants which means that you need to be a great communicator and be a people person, in other words, you must be able to deal with difficult people and problems that might arise. In addition to clients and tenants you might also need to communicate with professional people such as legal solicitors and land managers in order to provide the best service for your client.


The day to day running of a property management business needs to be smooth running and it is the responsibility of a property manager to be able to deal with any problems that might arise. The best property manager is one that is really great at problem solving as this is the main role of a property manager. They have to be able to anticipate problems as well as dealing effectively and quickly with any problems that arise. One of the main problems that arise is a conflict of interest between a landlord and a tenant and the best thing about having the services of a property manager is that they are able to intermediate between both parties so that tensions do not rise and the relationship between tenant and landlord breaks down. With this in mind it is important that a property manager is a great people person that can deal with, often aggressive, clients and landlords that can be very forcefully.

Thus in general, to be a good property manager you need to be able to take to both your client and their tenant, deal with tradesmen who are required to carry out repairs and maintenance on the property and also to liase with solicitors who are able to cover the legal requirements of managing a property. You also need to be very organised and be a great problem solver. If you think that you are able to solve people’s problems and manage a property then the role of property manager is the one for you.

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